The standard gate unit has a very clean, unobtrusive appearance, blending in with the any contemporary office system environment. They are easily attached to walls, panels or partitions with system connectors or screws. Matching filler panels are also available.

The gates come with a heavy duty, bi-directional, pivot hinge, finished in a neutral matte black. The gate is self-closing and requires no lock or latch, as no strike plate or stop is required. Elimination of the latch also eliminates the impact problem so common with that type of unit, such as jarring panels out of alignment and disrupting adjacent work stations. Ordering is as simple as calling in the opening width, height and finish to Dennis T. Kondo. The gate panel comes premounted to the hinge jam post and is shipped ready to be field attached to a wall or end panel connector.


One of the more popular items available from Dennis T. Kondo, are the custom gates for office and institutional furniture systems environments. They are available in finishes to match HMI, HW, and S/C as well as other systems and Wilsonart, Formica, Enamor, Pointe, Laminart and Micarta plastic laminates. Wood veneer finishes to match are also available. The gates provide an ideal solution for those areas requiring separation, yet still maintain a consistency with the open space plan. They are frequently used to separate public from private areas.