Newsletter Archives
The newsletters of Dennis T. Kondo have been regularly sent to many of our valued business contacts for several years. Each contains detailed information on many of our custom products and other products that we are proud to supply. All issues are available through the links at the left. For ease of access, a brief synopsis of each issue is given below.
Volume 6
  Issue 1 - Features our quality computer/instrument and keyboard arms, along with our ergonomic keyboard support
  Issue 2 - Description of the wide variety of finishes and colors available on our custom woodworking products.
  Issue 3 - Information on our popular gates, an excellent solution to provide separation while remaining consistent with an open space plan.
Volume 7
  Issue 1 - Descriptions of our keyboard support combinations.
  Issue 2 - Features monitor arms, an excellent solution for the crowded work station.
  Issue 3 - Features the many varieties of work surfaces, file tops, and conference table tops we offer in our products.
  Issue 4 - New low price on our popular FAKB-S1 keyboard support combination, which fits easily in a 36" x 24" corner.
  Issue 5 - Introduces the new FAKB-S2 keyboard support.
Volume 8
  Issue 1 - Features a new price on a fully articulating keyboard support with optional mouse tray.
  Issue 2 - Detailed descriptions of monitor arms, model #CO2000, #CO240S, and #MA465D.
  Issue 3 - Detailed descriptions of steel bases and table legs available.
Volume 9
  Issue 1 - Photographs and descriptions of our Santa Ana offices and facility. Welcome to Dennis T. Kondo!
Volume 10
  Issue 1 - Features a new price on the keyboard support combination #FAKB-S5.
  Issue 2 - Features a new price on fully articulating keyboard support.
Volume 14
  Issue 1 - Descriptions of our aluminum seismic/earthquake post and rails, an excellent addition to shelving availbe from Dennis T. Kondo.
Volume 16
  Issue 1 - Special edition of our newsletter, describing special wedges, rounded corner transaction surfaces, modification of surfaces, large file tops, corner tables, and support panel legs.