Our Santa Ana location:

3202 S. Croddy Way
Santa Ana, CA 92704-6348
Phone: (714) 850-1789
Fax: (714) 850-1693
Email: Dennis@DennisTKondo.com


We are a custom and limited production fabricator of institutional case goods and countertops; we are familiar with most of the major office systems available and can offer custom solutions consistent with those systems as well as industry standard laminate and veneered desks, countertops etc.  For computer station furniture, we also supply ergonomic keyboard and monitor supports, either with our furniture or separately. We wish to invite you to our Santa Ana showroom, and our manufacturing plant located at the same site. However, if you are unable to visit us physically, you can view our facility by going to "About Us" at the top of this page.

Entering our 30th year, we are proud of the reputation we have established in the industry as a manufacturer of very high quality products, delivered on time at a very reasonable cost.  Our state-of-the-art computer and microprocessor controlled manufacturing facility, combined with our computer aided drawing and design office, allows us to produce products to very tight tolerances and with a high degree of consistency.  This along with our skilled cabinetmakers has helped us maintain our valued position.